Our Team

Ryan Losito

Age: 18
Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Music: Rap, Hip Hop
Stance: Regular
Go-to trick: Half cab
Best thing about skating: Filming, having fun, traveling, competing, and learning new tricks
Worst thing about skating: Injuries, getting kicked out of spots, and bad vibes and attitudes
Favorite skate spot: PSS bowl
Favorite skate video: Mindfield
Favorite skater of all time: David Gonzalez
Words of wisdom: Don’t f*** with Bob

Mike Mixson

D.O.B.: 05/12/1986
Hometown: Belmar, NJ
Music: Sabbath, CCR
Stance: Regular
Go-to trick: Ollie, Nollie Hardflip
Best thing about skating: Tallboys
Worst thing about skating: Hippers
Favorite skate spot: Belmar Boardwalk R.I.P.
Favorite skate video: Feedback
Favorite skater of all time: The Boss
Words of wisdom: F*ck it

Dave Bohack

Age: 17
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Music: Anthing except Country
Stance: Regular
Go-to trick: Nollie flips and kickflips!
Best thing about skating: Having fun and shreddin’ with your boys.
Worst thing about skating: Eatin shit and scooter rats gettin’ in your way.
Favorite skate spot: Love Park.
Favorite skate video: Chomp on This – Jamie Thomas.
Favorite skater of all time: Chris Cole.
Words of wisdom: Just do it.

Arjun Shah

Age: 22
Hometown: Millstone, NJ
Music: Metal
Stance: Goofy
Go-to trick: Backlip
Best thing about skating: Being able to be with friends and have fun whenever you step on your board
Worst thing about skating: Getting hurt
Favorite skate spot: Downtown Trenton
Favorite skate video: Fully Flared
Favorite skater of all time: David Gonzalez
Words of wisdom: Slayer or die


We are a 100% skateboarder-owned and operated business with 40+ years of skateboard experience. If you are in the area please stop in and check us out.